Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blog Pleased

An entire day has passed since baby girl left on the bus. She is gone, but not forgotten. 
I still have "blog please" notes scattered around the house. She began a campaign to have her own blog some time ago. The other day, I suggested that she write a sticky note so I would remember to talk with the Papa about letting her have her own blog and e-mail. She posted about a hundred around the house. She even had some on the toilet seat, "Blog" on the top of the lid, and "Please" on the bottom part. This seemed to be more persuasive that just sitting and asking, "Please? Please? Please?(ad infinium)."  She even wrote a letter to us as an assignment in her writing class, arguing the finer points of having a blog, and e-mail.
Her persuasive campaign was effective. I don't understand the technical part of all of it, but Symantec has a "beta" family program they're working on. It has something to do with parental control with blogs and email, so Emma and Paul are users for this new program. One of the features is has is to alert us when she invites a new person on her email list, or invites someone to view her blog. 
We're still working on the details of the context of the posts, what she can and can't put on the page, but her blog is up and running.
 I keep wondering if she's taking notes while on her trip, or if she has a new idea for a post.
I would like to say that I am spontaneous about what I post on, but sometimes I might have "staged" photos knowing that the photo may, or may not make the blog. So, I  have several photos, with a story waiting to happen. I'm also beginning to realize that I do have a camera on my phone, so when I feel absolutely compelled to snap a photo, I can. 
Except...I have to figure out how to get in on my computer, to get it to my blog. 


Jane Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Nan,
I'm finally getting around to your Blog tag. Here's my memoir title in six words or less HOMESTEAD: At The Edge of Possiblity. the Homestead part is actually my memoir title with the rest a portion of the subtitle. Thanks for stopping by the site and for the great pictures of your daughter headed off to school. The sunshine was terrific. Did she get her blog? Stay well, Jane