Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Is That Notebook? The One I Wrote That Post In?

I realize that ten days have passed since my last post. I'm sure I've wanted to share some great news or stories regarding the happenings of my life, but I find myself just trying to get the wind back in my sails. 
I have experienced some discomfort from my surgery, and hardly any pain, for which I am grateful. I realize I had more of a fear of pain, that I had actual pain. It's interesting how we become accustomed to our "easy" life, but don't realize how easy it is until we experience discomfort. 
So forgive me if I haven't been sharing, as it takes much for me to be at a loss for words.
I did spend a good part of the afternoon laughing with another swim mom while we were timing at Emma's swim meet. Timing at a swim meet probably doesn't sound like a hoot, but this was a gift, in that, it helped relieve some of the stress of the past couple of weeks.  I'm surprised that they didn't kick us out of the glamourous position of volunteer lane timers, as we had become quite loud with our laughter.
As Emma stood by us, waiting for her swim, it was refreshing to hear her response to the other Mom's statement, "Your mom's crazy!"
Emma replied, "I know," as only a thirteen year old girl who loves her mom could.
Glad to get my crazy back on.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Friday Art

This morning, with the results of the pathology report from my excisional biopsy coming back as benign, meaning a good thing, we were off to roam the world of art. 
Isn't that what most people do when they find out that their health is OK? Don't they say, "Let's go look at art."
Last week I signed us up to for a field trip to observe the art that is in the Jacob's Gallery at the Hult Center, as part of the Mayor's Art Show. Emma is a willing art observing participant, but much to Evander's unliking of art observation, he was forced into art fun.  He very much likes Lily and her gang, so art observation was doable for that boy as soon as he found out they were signed up as well. 
Our family and Bella's family were the only students to sign up for this field trip.
We are so modern, so hip. 
Actually, it was suprisingly refreshing to look at the art with the kids. Van was most interested in a piece that used Twinkies. He said he was "scarred" by some of the naked art. It didn't seem too profane to me, but my nine year old boy just doesn't care for such artwork.
Things were livened up a bit, as I let Baby W take some picture with my camera.
                                                                "papa dolly"
We stayed at the Mayor's art show for about an hour, then made our way down "Gallery Avenue," (I just made that up) ending up at Periginos. What a good ending to a good field trip, on a good day.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's Been Eighteen Days

So, I was going to post something eighteen days ago, (it now appears on the Sunday September 21st post, as it was a little too complicated to move to todays date) but waited to do so-not sure I was ready to announce such an occasion to the world. Now that I'm a day out of surgery, and very much alive I thought I would make a summation of these past few weeks.
First, I regret to say that my attempts at living a kind life, felt a little bit manufactured at times. I would much rather have a heart that is truly kind, rather than seeming like I'm going through the motions. 
Within those seventeen days, I had a big confrontation with a neighbor that proved my inability to control the universe by being kind. I feel like part of this disagreement was my responsibility, in that I had previously complained to this neighbor about their dog waking me at night, in a very complainy sort of way.
I had felt I needed to go an make amends, apologizing for the delivery of my complaint. But I didn't do so, and dealt with he consequences of their previous encounter with me. All that to say, I am imperfect, and need to make amends, ask for forgiveness when I have offended others, and know that only Christ has been the only perfect one to walk this earth. The only way I can have a ounce of kindness is by the belief  and action in His commandment to love one another. 
That may sound a little to "religious" for some of my blog readers, but do know that it's important for me to know why I believe what I believe, and for you as friends to have some information regarding my worldview.
My surgery went well, and the doctor said it did not look cancerous, and I expect the pathology reports on Friday. That being said, I will continue in my quest to be a person who loves, knowing that I am flawed, and that the only true grace comes from God.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Cheap Seats

Back from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 08.
 Loved the music, but I'd forgotten how diverse a crowd will show up for a free concert. Quite the sea of humanity. Peaceful, eclectic, yet, my head hurts from the "haze."
 We stood fairly close to the stage, and could see the folks with the best seats at the concert-over a guarded fence, on the stage, behind the performers. We surmised that it was the fellow who bankrolls the whole concert series, and the mysterious woman I'm speculating, was the queen of the festival, Emmy Lou. 
They could see. All we could see on the stage was hair. It was a hair war between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.
I bet those two discuss hair products often. 
Buddy Miller, one of my all time favorites musicians played with them. Robert Plant and Buddy Miller. Cool. Alison I assume was on the fiddle. I saw her at the end of the concert, chatting it up with mysterious Mr. and the mysterious woman. 
I did give a call to Miss Kris when "Down To The River To Pray" was sung by Alison Krauss. I wish I had a voice like hers. Alison's that is. I like Miss Kris,' and she gives free concerts too. Miss Kris would sing with me, but I don't think Robert Plant would sing with me. 
Although I can't say I know anything about Led Zeppelin's music, I enjoyed the way the two performer's voices blended so well together, like music butter.
By the looks of the crowd, they seemed to enjoy the Led Zeppelin's song's gone bluegrass. While I shunned such music in high school, Paul embraced it. As he knew the old music, he delighted in Krauss' and Plant's version of "Battle of Evermore."
Of course, I enjoyed being with Paul tonight, but I can't help compare with our previous HSB with the Brosamers. Not only were they excellent hosts, opening their home to us, they are incredible people. The kind of people whom you'd love to spend those ordinary days with, not just music festivals.

A Room Without A View

We're about ready to be on our way to the Hardly Strictly Blugrass Festival. But I wanted to do a quick post with a photo from our hotel. Enjoy, as we are off to have a good ol' time. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Time

When you start counting the days to an event, you realize there just isn't enough time.
Not enough time to eat that yogurt, way, way, way back in the fridge.
Not enough time to mail the hat you have that belongs to your friend's baby, that she left in the van, when you went somewhere together-three years ago.
I'd like more time to hold babies and kittens. 
I'd like more time to snuggle with my own kids.
I'm trying to pack my bags for a trip, but the ordinary-mundane, is keeping me from packing. It tires me. 
It also tires me to stop and be with people. But it's what I love. If it's a conversation at the grocery or posing for a picture on Facebook, I just love interacting with most people.
So, I am trying to carve out time for one of my other loves, listening to live music. I must retire for the evening, as the morning comes sooner when that clock ticks. 
This temporal life tick, tick, ticks so loudly, yet I need to remind myself that I'm pursuing Life for an Eternity.