Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Time

When you start counting the days to an event, you realize there just isn't enough time.
Not enough time to eat that yogurt, way, way, way back in the fridge.
Not enough time to mail the hat you have that belongs to your friend's baby, that she left in the van, when you went somewhere together-three years ago.
I'd like more time to hold babies and kittens. 
I'd like more time to snuggle with my own kids.
I'm trying to pack my bags for a trip, but the ordinary-mundane, is keeping me from packing. It tires me. 
It also tires me to stop and be with people. But it's what I love. If it's a conversation at the grocery or posing for a picture on Facebook, I just love interacting with most people.
So, I am trying to carve out time for one of my other loves, listening to live music. I must retire for the evening, as the morning comes sooner when that clock ticks. 
This temporal life tick, tick, ticks so loudly, yet I need to remind myself that I'm pursuing Life for an Eternity.