Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Friday Art

This morning, with the results of the pathology report from my excisional biopsy coming back as benign, meaning a good thing, we were off to roam the world of art. 
Isn't that what most people do when they find out that their health is OK? Don't they say, "Let's go look at art."
Last week I signed us up to for a field trip to observe the art that is in the Jacob's Gallery at the Hult Center, as part of the Mayor's Art Show. Emma is a willing art observing participant, but much to Evander's unliking of art observation, he was forced into art fun.  He very much likes Lily and her gang, so art observation was doable for that boy as soon as he found out they were signed up as well. 
Our family and Bella's family were the only students to sign up for this field trip.
We are so modern, so hip. 
Actually, it was suprisingly refreshing to look at the art with the kids. Van was most interested in a piece that used Twinkies. He said he was "scarred" by some of the naked art. It didn't seem too profane to me, but my nine year old boy just doesn't care for such artwork.
Things were livened up a bit, as I let Baby W take some picture with my camera.
                                                                "papa dolly"
We stayed at the Mayor's art show for about an hour, then made our way down "Gallery Avenue," (I just made that up) ending up at Periginos. What a good ending to a good field trip, on a good day.


Cherie said...

Happy to hear your relieving test results, Nancy!

Art, yes, great therapy and a perfect way to celebrate life!

Heidi said...

So glad to hear the results were okay! I know that had to weigh on your mind like crazy!! I've been thinking so much lately about how short life is, and that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Time to live each day to the fullest. Art sure fits in there somewhere!