Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Is That Notebook? The One I Wrote That Post In?

I realize that ten days have passed since my last post. I'm sure I've wanted to share some great news or stories regarding the happenings of my life, but I find myself just trying to get the wind back in my sails. 
I have experienced some discomfort from my surgery, and hardly any pain, for which I am grateful. I realize I had more of a fear of pain, that I had actual pain. It's interesting how we become accustomed to our "easy" life, but don't realize how easy it is until we experience discomfort. 
So forgive me if I haven't been sharing, as it takes much for me to be at a loss for words.
I did spend a good part of the afternoon laughing with another swim mom while we were timing at Emma's swim meet. Timing at a swim meet probably doesn't sound like a hoot, but this was a gift, in that, it helped relieve some of the stress of the past couple of weeks.  I'm surprised that they didn't kick us out of the glamourous position of volunteer lane timers, as we had become quite loud with our laughter.
As Emma stood by us, waiting for her swim, it was refreshing to hear her response to the other Mom's statement, "Your mom's crazy!"
Emma replied, "I know," as only a thirteen year old girl who loves her mom could.
Glad to get my crazy back on.