Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crew Working

As much as I would love to continue blogging about my visit to Mt. Hope Academy,  a much more pressing blog topic has come up.
While I was talking with Heidi on our visit, I mentioned,
  "The Curse of the Lawn Mower." 
 The "curse" is in relation to the spoken phrase, "I'm going to take a nap." That's when all the neighbors who have listening devices planted in my house, get on their HAM radios and notify all the local landscapers, retired men who love power tools, and then call the city workers. 
Noises in my neighborhood have varied from anything that follows: 
our chickens, trying to act like roosters; the giant clank of the overpass being built a mile away; the hum of the nearby highway; trees being cut down; tree stumps being removed; the neighbor's pool being cleaned(no, they've never invited us over); neighbors re-roofing; neighbors remodeling(sawing, hammering, power washing); the marching band from the high school that's about a quarter mile away; various events played at the high school stadium(most of the time we can't hear it); the announcements over the outside speaker at the high school; live Hawaiian music (not from Hawaii, but from the neighbors who love Hawaii); barking dogs; noisy cars being needlessly warmed up every morning; the slam of the neighbor's van door at 10:10 PM; and most recently, the new neighbor's Hummer.
Well, I now have documentation of one of these events.  Although, it wasn't nap time, it was about 7:30AM. Everyone in the house was sleeping, but myself. I heard this odd loud noise, thinking it was something to do with the neighbors pool again.  So there I go, outside in my pajama top and shorts, and sure enough, worker men are running some sort of equipment in the road that runs alongside my house. I quickly scuttle to get my camera to document said event. 
Notice in the photo, that there are perhaps four of these men working away, using what appears to be edgers, removing those teensey weeds growing in cracks in the street. Why aren't they on the other side of town annoying all those Southsiders getting ready for the Olympic Trial opening TOMORROW? I know they could still use some sprucing up over there at 7:30 in the morning. Maybe they didn't want to disturb the hotel guests and Olympic hopefuls-over there.
I can still hear them...


Indy4now said...

Hey Nancypants! I did get a good chuckle out of your description of outside noise when trying to nap, but an even better chuckle when I showed Cooper the video and he asked, "What are they doing, mowing the road?" But the best is when Mr.M had to go out in his skivvies to throw rocks in the trees to quiet down the noisy birds in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT!