Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catch up

Last Tuesday, the kids participated in their school's "Open House". Evander displayed "The Great Wall of China" that he built with his buddy Caleb. Emma and Evander shared some writing projects from their writing class, Emma a video story, and Evander a "Fractured Fairy Tale" featuring "The Gingerbread Man." 
Evander read his book in front of the crowd of parents and adoring grandparents. Auntie, Uncle Tucker, Lily, Wilder and Grandma Judie were part of the crowd. He eagerly read his book, without the prodding of the teacher, or myself.
I don't even remember Wednesday. In fact, I barely remember Wednesdays at all. I had forgotten at least half of all of Evander's chess classes. I must have some sort of Wednesday amnesia. I can get the kids to karate, then I think I have nothing going on the rest of the day.  Perhaps it's not a good idea for me to sign up for Wednesday classes.
Thursday, was the last of the kids outside classes. Emma excelled in her Spanish class. She's looking forward to next years class, but isn't so excited that I scheduled her Tuesdays this Summer for a conversational class-at our home. I, on the other hand am so excited to share our home in this way. 
Friday, we had glorious weather for an end of the year picnic at Shotgun Creek. The kids were able to play with their buddies, and I was able to chit-chat with my fellow educators. 
I didn't want to leave the party, but this was the beginning of a busy weekend, as we were off to be prepared for a Cub Scout Campout Saturday and Sunday. We also were on our way to the graduation party for one of the old youth group kids.
Saturday, "Little boys, little boys every where I go I see little boys (sung to the tune of "Little Girls" from the Annie soundtrack). I had a good time, but really my heart was elsewhere. Our dear neighbor girl, and also and old youth group kid, had a graduation party while I was at the campout. I had committed to go to the campout before I knew it was her party. I've been told it was a fabulous party, and my sweet Emma gave her a gift of a slideshow/movie with pictures and interviews of people who love her from her community. I have yet to write something more personal for these young people who graduated this year, as they will always have a very special place in my heart, as I loved them, and loved "The Thing." 
Sunday, I helped close out camp and headed home to get ready for another graduation party, and  for the 70th wedding anniversary of our church's patriarchal family..
At the anniversary party, I was all teary when Jack had family come forward to stand with Dale and Linore to show the legacy of the Crabtree's love. There were what seemed like endless amounts of Crabtrees. What an inspiration.
Monday, Emma's best buddies from when she was three began their stay at our home. They all seem mesmerized by our computer, as I see that it's a lovely day outside. The girls woke up early to go with me to take my Emma for her seventh grade test. She claims the test was easy, as well as a waste of time.
Although I had literally quadruple booked myself during the day, we had a great visit with Auntie Rachael and her three cherubs. These kids are really sweet, smart and cute, cute cute.
Tuesday, that was yesterday. I don't remember that. Oh yeah. We went to the U of O's Museum of Art, the Jordan Snitchzer Museum of Art. It was closed. We did, however, have a nice treat at the Marche with our grown up neighbor girls. 
The girls spent their evening with their old library friends. Their mom invited the girls over to enjoy pizza and dessert. The kids seemed to get reacquainted, as they ended the evening singing around the campfire. 
Wednesday, I taxied Evander to the first day his third grade test. I sat in the car, talked to Jodi, did some detailing of the car, and went through my  e-mail in-box. I've been moving since then, getting ready for a double baby shower up in Portland. 
Now the girls are preening themselves for a sleepover at the neighbor girls. Evander will be joining us at a rally at the 4-J school district office, as 4-J has plans to discontiue additional students to be allowed from the district to take classes at HomeSource. Let's see what happens...


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