Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Girl on Bus

Well, here is a photo that captures how excited Emma is to finally get away from her parents. 
I didn't Photoshop her face. The sun was shining onto the bus, and on her face, so it looks like I pasted the obligatory smile. 
She is off with her swim team to a land far, far away from Mom, Dad, and little brother. Oddly enough she wasn't interested in us chaperoning this event. Although, back in the day, I was one of the fun adults on the bus, now I'm just Emma's mom, who can be slightly embarrassing at times. 
She'll be gone until Monday night, but I won't see her until Wednesday, as I'll be in Klamath Falls for a Classical Conversations seminar. 
She went away to overnight camp (which is down the road) last year, but we haven't had this long a stint away from each other since. She'll be just fine. I was a little teary as she was loading onto the bus, as I thought of her being, "Travelin' Em." 
After the bus left, and as we were headed home, one of those sentimental "Cinderella" country music songs was playing on the radio, and again I was teary.


Deanna said...

Aw, I'm a little teary, too.

Bella Art Girl said...

Auntie Nan - It is a wonderful gift of wings you are giving her. I realized as you narrated your little story that I would be right there getting teary too and especially as you would make me listen to one of your faves, Steven Curtis Chapman - uhhh and the Cinderella one - double ughhh
love you girl you did it well xoxo

Erin said...

It seems I'm not the only "other mama" who got teary-eyed reading this. You are an outstanding mama......keep blazing the trail.....E