Monday, June 02, 2008

Kickin' In Forty Part II

 Sunday night, the last night of forty, my husband threw together a party for me.  I did not feel the need for a party, as we had a great fortieth birthday party last year. But, I certainly enjoyed myself. 
After having invited Auntie Patty to cook for me, she volunteered to make the main dish for the party. I just supplied the somewhat clean house. 
At one point in the evening, I realized how blessed we must be. I looked out the upstairs window to see that we had about a dozen kids running around the backyard, screaming, chasing, giggling and playing with happy hearts. That is a blessing our family very much enjoys. We have a wonderful community of friends and I am thankful for all the joy that comes with it. Not much could top such birthday gifts!

Photo with love from Bella Art Girt