Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Showers of Love

On Friday evening, our extended family threw a baby shower for a couple of my nieces, Tyrie and Jenny.  My mother will now have somewhere in the area of twenty-five grandchildren and great grandchildren combined!
My mom was so helpful in getting everything ready for the shower, she's no spring chicken, yet she can do circles around me(maybe because I go the opposite direction). Mom has a community room at her apartments, which was a great setting for the shower. 
I must say I love how my family is able to rally around when a new baby comes into the world. Our family is a tad mafia like in saying that we're "cousins" when we are more "relations," but I know I love these cousins. 
I also must note that my dear sister and sweet sister-in-laws have done such a good job in the past with hosting and putting on showers for the family. I haven't gotten to do as much as I live over 120 miles away. They've done a great job of sharing their homes, and preparing for such parties for many years. Lastly, I think I spent about ten minutes cleaning up, as Jan, my sister -in-law,and my sister Chris did the majority of the clean-up. I said Chris was my cleaning fairy at my birthday party last year, and so she was again at this shower...sometimes, it's good being the youngest sister. 
Also, some may know that I often call myself, "Crazy Aunt Nan." This label I gave myself, but others may just have thought it- keeping the quiet part to themselves. The first time I remember being an aunt was when we lived in Portland on 83rd street. I remember my mom talking on the phone, and me overhearing the news that Jenny was born. I promptly ran outside the house and announced in a very loud shout out, "I'm an aunt! I'm an aunt!" 
Jenny was a constant playmate and friend until I went away to college. Tyrie didn't come along until I had moved away for college. She has grown to be a wonderful young women, and I do have a hard time not having been in the same town while she was growing up.  
Tyrie had her baby on Saturday, Lukas James, 7lbs. 11oz. Brother Izaac I'm sure will come to adore this little guy. 
Jenny wasn't inspired enough on Friday to go into labor the next day, but is scheduled to be induced next Tuesday. 

Jenny, due Tuesday, Morgan due in early November, and Ty the day before baby Lukas was born!