Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Abundance of Their Labor

Yesterday a friend called and asked how my birthday week was going, I answered a bit snidely, "Birthday? That was so long ago!"
She seemed a little surprised by my surly response, and assured me that I did have a birthday this week. Oh. 
I suppose it went by quickly, yet seemed so long ago, with the combination of busyness, and some sitting on the couch. The excitement of the previous weekend's celebrations must have worn me out, as well as the "another year's gone by" cogitating.
I left my house this morning, being greeted by the sounds of a bagpipe. Yes, we all need a good bagpipe morning every once in a while. "Amazing Grace" filled the air as I entered the world, as another year has gone by.
My neighbor runs a non-profit therapeutic gardening organization and holds a plant sale every  year. It seemed a bit deja-vousish, in that, last year on my actual birthday she had the sale. Last year, I was so excited for my friend Erin to come and pick me up for my surprise agenda fortieth birthday, that I was doing a bit of pacing up and down the street, wearing my blue tuxedo, of course. I didn't have the blue tuxedo on this morning, but the cars lining our street were the reminder of last year's day of merriment.
It doesn't take much arm twisting to get me to go to Albany, as one of my favorite places is a little off the beaten path, the Poets Garden. I'd been sent a flyer that indicated that they were having a sale on herbs. Who doesn't need any more herb plants? 
The ladies were as welcoming as usual. Emma and I have made the trip enough times for them to get to know us a little, and we them. 
I must say, it's remarkable that not only are these women able to combine a gift/garden decor business with an absolutely gorgeous garden, but they are additionally willing to share the resulting abundance of their labor with we sojourners. 


Heidi said...

Hey, Nan! Mom mentioned that you were at the shop. Wish I could have run over there for a quick hello. Oh, well, less than two weeks till our little get-together! I got your message on my blog and replied over there, but thought I'd stop by your lovely blog for a visit. :)

I was thinking about making scones or something, but you all might need something more substantial before you head home. What do you think? We could do something simple for lunch out on the grass. Even just finger food type stuff. I'm praying for nice weather!

(Oh, and at least a couple of your 1000 visitors have been me. :))