Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over 1000 Views of Travelin' Nan

OK, so sitemeter says that my blog has had over 1000 views. Here are some of my own comments about this...
 I think 900 views were Jodi.
 The times I look at my blog don't count.
1000 people viewing my blog leaves me imaging 1000 people driving by my house, although
my neighbors probably think I've driven in and out of my driveway 1000 times. 
Since I've blogged, I've read the paper less.
 I've called friends less.
I've spent lots of time looking at other peoples blogs. 
I've learned how to use the dictionary feature on my Mac.
I may have made a new friend or two, I'm not sure they're real or imagined.
I've posted a few self-deprecating photos of myself. 
I've loved a few of the photos on the blog, mostly those from Bella Artgirl. 
I have traveled thousands of miles, thus living up to the name of the blog. 
Writing the blog has helped me progress on the book I've never written, but am writing.
I actually have fun sharing the mundane with someone out there in Columbia, Maryland.
 One may ask, "Why would someone put such not so flattering photos on their blog?"
Well, this is how I looked when I took my husband to the airport when his 4:00AM alarm didn't go off. It was some time around 5:15AM when he asked me if I would drop him off. Being that I had a terrible nights sleep, and wasn't really asleep anyway I said yes, and later some other things to clarify how I really felt about taking him. Although, I didn't say much on the way to the airport, but "Slow down."
Oh, so I decided this would be a good time to use the Starbucks card Jodi gave me for my birthday. I ordered a decaf mocha and was given watered down hot chocolate. I turned my car around to take it back, but realized how awful I looked, and that I was wearing my pajama top and leisure suit jacket. Vanity before coffee snobiness.


Indy4now said...

ok,ok,ok, so you've driven me out of lurking for a comment. First of all I am saddened by your birthday treat gone bad. I'm convinced it's because I wasn't there with you! And secondly, I have to say that I WAS probably many those 900 hits, but have enjoyed reading all of it,some of the posts have brought me some laugh therapy which I'm sure counts as ab work, right?

Paul said...

I thought you looked just fine this morning love. No idea why I missed the two alarms I set last night, but thanks for the sacrifice to get me to my "other office" (United flight 1293 seat 5F) on time. I made it to the gate in time to get on my flight but just barely. I was a sight running through airport trying to carry laptop bag, fasten my belt, and put on my shoes all at the same time. Not quite as graceful as OJ used to do it sprinting over the rows of seats, but just as effective. At least I won't have to pretend the glove doesn't fit.

Patty's World said...

Ok... I answered your TAG on my blog. I hope you know its only because I love you. Hope you and Em had fun this weekend.

Smooches me

travelin' nan said...

I also have someone from india, canada, and austraila