Monday, June 16, 2008

And then...

I have had such a rushed week, that I haven't taken the time to blog lately.  I was able to jot some notes about the previous week, but right now they're in a "special" place.  I just wanted a new post to appear so I didn't seem too remiss in my blogging obligation (I didn't know I knew how to use the word "remiss" in the right context. Wow).
Ok, that's it. I am so tired I need to go to bed, but I have giggling teenagers in the room next to me. Emma's best friends, from when she was three, are staying with us for most of the week. So far so good. They even sweep and cook. I don't even sweep and cook. 

I have to say, it's times like these when one is really, really tired that one notices something for example, like a disc in the back may have gotten a little out of place after sleeping on the ground while camping. Or is it the throbbing I feel in my hip flexor that is a result of tripping on something in Van's room-or was it my room?
Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell of my travels to Florence, or Fall Creek, or even Coburg, but right now I'm falling asleep.


Deanna said...

Sweep and cook? What's that?

Patty's World said...

Isn't amazing what other people's kids will do.