Thursday, July 03, 2008

K- Falls Education

A friend and I travelled to Klamath Falls on Monday morning to participate in a three day practicum through "Classical Conversations." I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but using this forty-something brain beyond the norm, is well-out of the norm for me. 
First, although I claim to be the consummate traveller, I have only passed through Klamath Falls maybe twice. Although it has amazing lakes, the town is a bit sprawled out, and we found it difficult to find it's epicenter. 
I did not snap any photos, as my friend and I filmed a "Momumentary" soon to be coming out in theatres near you. 
When I find the cord to the video camera, I'll upload some of the film's raw footage. 
Meanwhile, here's a taste of what I did during the practicum...
July 1, 2008
I am in Klamath Falls Oregon, in a strip mall style church, in a darkened, stuffy chapel, participating in a parent practicum through “Classical Conversations,” watching a DVD of a guy teaching writing instruction. I don't have the material that is being referenced to during his talk, so I feel a bit out of the loop. I am excited to help teach my children this fellow's techniques, but I have missed something. I was late to the viewing yesterday, so I may have missed some info. given out then. It's just that the young lady at the Starbucks worked rather slowly, thus, my being late to the seminar. Not my fault.
I'm just too embarrassed or proud to say I don't have the reference material. Not the instructors fault.
Our family is enrolled in a program called, “Classical Conversations” where “tutors” “model” various subjects such as Latin, Spanish, mock trial, and writing. I am thrilled to begin this program, and excited to educate my children in more of a community setting.
Unlike my HomeSource experience, I am to be more involved in the classroom. I did not want to be a tutor during this upcoming school year, as we are unsure of what our plans our for Emma and high school.
I'd love to say I have a clear definition of a “classical” education. It has to do with something call the trivium, as this program teaches at the level of grammar, rhetoric, and logic. Perhaps I will have a better understanding a year from now. 
The titles of the subjects that are to be offered at Classical Conversations sound intellectually stimulating for both myself and the children. The book list looks appealing, perhaps I'll read a book.
Although the setting in the church may not be an ideal academic setting, a philosophy of learning is being conveyed that I appreciate. This belief is along the lines that our becoming educated is to be a form of worshipping God. Again, I'm just putting this worldview together, and don't have a complete picture, or definition of what this looks like, and may only ever have pieces of this idea of "worship."  
I have spent only a small amount of time studying the idea of what it means to “worship” God, but again, I haven't pulled the ideas together. It's enthralling to be introduced to this something new to me. This becoming educated and reflecting what we've learned towards God and His glory is surprisingly joyful. I look forward to explore more of these ideas.