Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mama's Without the Babes

Well, I made it through “Baby Mama," a good laugh for a middle aged mom on “Mama's Day Off”. Bella and I laughed pretty hard. I don't agree with the ethics of “It's OK to have a baby if your not married.” It would be a very difficult job that is for sure. As much grief as I give my husband, I certainly wouldn't want to parent by myself. Not only would I not get an opportunity to have a “Mama's Day Off” I would be a way worse mother from the stress of it all. My stress generally is related to getting tired of the kids' agenda all the time. The kids don't appreciate some of my favorite activities, like St. Vincent de Paul shopping.
So we watched the movie, and I came home to get my “Baby,” that is my Mac of course. I started to blog in the driveway, then my friend pulled up with Evander, so I said hello to everyone from inside the car, and then ran away. I do feel a little guilty about the running away part. I just felt like my day off wasn't done.
So here I sit, preparing this blog, outside of three forks wok and grill, in south Eugene. I really like the food here, but the kids and Paul get a little tired of it. So, off I go to order something good.


Deanna said...

Such a busy blogging bee! I enjoyed your adventures.