Friday, July 11, 2008

Over the Hill

Remember the hill I talked about conquering? Well, a week has passed since the Butte to Butte, and I have not mentioned the end result... 
I probably should use the word "conquer" loosely. If it's definition is limited to "climb (a mountain) successfully :  as in the second American to conquer Everest. " I'm good with that. If it's regarding making a personal goal, I could still use some more work on that. 
My, shall I say "loose goal" was to beat my surgeon and my gynecologist. They had finished about twenty minutes before me the year before, however, my goal was shattered when I saw my gynecologist at the base of the pedestrian bridge near South Eugene. I was just about to do a little walking, when I noticed her there cheering on other runners. As I ran by, I shouted something like, "Hey, why aren't you running?" I couldn't really wait for a response, as I was running the race, but her reply was something in regards to a sort of orthopedic "boot" she pointed to on her leg.
I certainly didn't want to meet half my goal that way. 
As for the surgeon, well, as a lady I can't say how badly she beat me, but I'm sure she'd say I won't have much of a scar. 
There is more to the story of the gynecologist/surgeon, healthy competition, but HIPA rules don't allow me to divulge any further information...
Oh, I did beat last year's time by four minutes. As far as conquering-there's always next year.