Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tantalizing Target

So the next stop in my "Mama's Day Off" was at the Springfield Target. I cruised up and down most of the aisles looking at all the do-hickies. I was mostly concentrating on looking for furniture for storage of the d0-hickies I already have at home. I found a couple of handy things, which I'll post pictures of later when my teenager can help me. 
I am excited about a four dollar clock I bought. My friend is always telling me I need more clocks in my house. I generally don't like to know what time it is. It just means I'm running out of time to do the things I want to do, and I'm spending too much time doing the things I don't want to do.
So back to Target, I get easily mesmerized in Target. I do a fairly good job of not spending too much money, but don't mind spending to save(check out the concept of "spaving" on Triangulations). I'd spend way more on cool things if I had a never ending budget, but I do believe my husband would say that there is an end.
So I shopped in Target for close to two hours, with only a few phone calls. One call was from EK lamenting how she missed the boat this morning. 
I called Van asking which kind of sock her preferred, crew or ankle. He said he liked the colored ones grandma bought him. I told him I would bring home a package of crew, and a package of ankle to choose from. No special socks for a nine year old. 
Another call was to Bella, as she I are about to go thrift store shopping. Could be dangerous.
Right now, she's in my house feeding all the children. I am outside the house blogging. I have wireless access. Here we go! 


thebookbaglady said...

Hilarious! You could get a cult following on 'Where is Nan on Mama's Day Off?'

Today I was at a meeting and there were a few thrift stores that just happened to be SORT OF on the trajectory home...I dutifully stopped in since there is always something I can't live without. :-)