Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I find myself in one of my favorite places, alone. Alone? Yes, alone. I'd tell you where I am, but I wouldn't be alone. 
Alright, if you insist. I'm at Fifth Street Public Market, at
drinking cafe au lait in a bowl, and eating a pain au chocolat.  Today is "Mama's Day Off." I know, it is not declared as a national holiday, but it's my holiday, so I'm starting it off with coffee and a pastry (oh, I forgot to ask for decaf). 
Actually, I was scheduled to go to "Ladies Week" with my good friend EK, but I boged on her. I didn't want to spend the day basking in the sun with all of the ladies. I love the ladies, but spending some time by myself sounded more like what I need right now. 
If any of you know me well, you know I am an extreme extrovert. It's a wonder I don't walk around inside out...But sometimes, I need some time without an entourage. 
If I were to spend my day off at home, the magic of the day off would only last a little while, as the work is almost always calling me. 
So at Provisions, I prefer to look at the pretty things,  to listen to the chatter of the workers and the hum of the refridgerator, and to spy on the people whom also enjoy this place. 
Not only do they sell food here, but gift items as well. Right now, I can only look at the pretty things here, as I left my wallet at home. That's what happens when I don't have an entourage I guess. They usually line me up with my glasses, keys, wallet, etc.......
Not a big surprise to me, but I realize sitting here seeing the pretty things, I think of friends I would give them to...The lemon soap to Carla, the cafe au lait bowl to Jodi, the pretty paper to my new friend Heidi. Yes, I have a busy mind, and yes, I would give more gifts if my budget allowed. 
I also realize I like this place because it is clean. Not that I don't love that I have a house, but this is clean, with clean lines and color, with no responsibility except to bus my plates...
S0, I've spent a whole hour by myself, and just had to call my friend Bella to find out if she'd like to enjoy some "Mama's Day Off." I already spent the first moments of the day looking for EK. She usually hits a Full City before she heads out to the lake. I drove to both the Full City coffee shops looking for her to no avail...I guess 8:00AM and drizzly rain was too much for her to start her day off. 


Erin said...

Oh, how I wish you knew I was home working...catching a quick blog update between business emails trying to race out of town to be with the ladies. Really, all I want to do is be at Provisions with a cafe latte' and some hunk of chocolate pastry thingy enjoying mama's day off with you. I haven't even had my FC yet...grrrrr this getting out of town for 15 minutes of quiet time isn't worth it. You had the right idea...wish I was there. Love.