Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to Work

So, I ended the evening of "Mama's Day Off"eating my meal from three forks in the parking lot of Woodfield Station. I inadvertently picked up only one chop stick. A bit of a challenge to eat slippery noodles. So why the strip mall parking lot? Well, I had been wanting to go check outWow.
As I entered Party City, an overwhelming smell of plastic permeated the building. Yuck. The place has every sort of decoration one might need for any sort of party. It is the pinnacle of American gluttony. If little Johnny wants a Cars party, that's where you go. If Suzie wants a giant Disney Princess pinata, there you go.
They also stock gobs and gobs of candy. I love candy. I don't love plastic smell. So did I leave in protest? No, I bought the plastic serving spoons I had seen advertised in the paper. Handy for potlucks. I also bought a Sterno-like candle for fondue or s'mores. In the future, I'll look at the local Hirons before I make my purchases at Party City. 
After Party City, it was pushing 8:00PM. I'd been off duty for almost twelve hours. But that didn't stop me. The sun was setting, but I stopped into the Borders to see if they had the Jane Kirkpatrick book that I didn't have-the one I was suppose to get two birthdays ago... They didn't have it in stock, so I went home and started reading,
this Jane Kirkpatrick book, ending my evening reading and taking a bath.  
This still moment reminded me that I could have done with a little more "quiet time" during my, "Mama's Day Off."