Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thrifty Mamas

So we made it to the St. Vincent de Paul's. It's amazing how they just store all the things I need in one place! We pa roused the aisles for about an hour. Of course, I eyeballed the furniture, as it was on sale. It doesn't looked too much different that the pieces I'm having Paul look at, which are at Edmans
I bought some brand new Jane Austen books with Barnes and Noble labels still on them. I also purchased a Walden book that matched the Austen book covers. Do I think I will ever read them? No. But I learned to appreciate Walden in high school. I got the jist of the whole Walden concept. 
I also found these cute dessert cups that I thought would make great votive candle holders. Emma saw them as dessert cups. 
I also found a really cool old Tennyson book of prose about a princess. I can't wait to see how much it's worth on E-bay. Someone did rip one of the pages out. It probably the page that says it belongs in the Library of Congress. 
By the way, I get an extra discount on books for being a homeschool teacher. I get discounts even at the discount store. I like that. 
OK, so I'm sitting in my car outside my house again. Yet, I have no children in the house, only my husband is in there. Why am I out here?
I could stand a little more "quiet time, but Bella and I are stealing EK's idea of going to a movie. I must admit, I am going to Baby Mama. It is PG-13, and may be a little too racy for me, but perhaps I'll give an ethical review after watching it. 
Perhaps I'll go and break the one rule in the whole wide world that I think is worth breaking-that is, bringing outside food into the theatre. Really, that's the only rule. OK, maybe I do eat yogurt while driving.