Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wacky Weekend

Friday-Nancy and GMa volunteering at swim meet.
Free drinks at the new Dutch Bros. near our house for Paul and Nancy.
Kids with GMa for dinner and sleepover/pillow fight.
Saturday-Pick-up kids from GMa.
Make breakfast/bacon.
Van to karate.
Jungle removal.Tree house finishing?
Paul volunteering at swim meet. 
Nancy running away from bear. 
Nancy, Bunko at Grandma Judie's with Patty's peeps.
Sunday-Church-watching kids, eating watermelon.
Afternoon naps, talk of cleaning, finishing tree house? 
Volunteering as recycle lady and sir at swim meet.
Prince Pucklers as a reward for saving the Earth. 
Kids sleeping in tree house for the first time!
Did I miss anything?