Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nancy's Sleeping

It was a week ago that I set off to compete in the Cascade Lakes Relay. Time flys. I will post about the race, but for now I'm catching up. It seems like I spend time either catching up, or moving on...I'm on Orcas Island right now, and only a few spots have wireless internet. This is the first day I have attempted to write a post so here goes...
A few other runners and myself drove back from Bend on Saturday evening, still exhausted from the race. We ended up having the Canadian contingent of the team stay over at our house. I wasn't able to be as hospitable as I would like, as we were to leave for Washington bright and early on Sunday.
 The third of August, our family headed north to Orcas Island, Washington to vacation with friends for a week of respite on the water. During our travel north, I was rather short with my family, and out of sorts when we left home, as our goal was to catch the 2:45PM ferry to Orcas Island. I let our Canadian friends know they could stay as long as they liked. I think I actually gave them our house. 
I slept, and grumped all the way north, making it to the ferry, as we were one of the last cars on board. We met up with our friends, and I had to make the transition between exhausted sports adventurer to "Travelin' Nan."
I spent the first couple of days at Orcas eating and sleeping. If I remember Monday at all, it went something like: Sleep in. Eat. Take a nap. Eat. Go to bed. Not a great vacation companion, but I did start waking up on Tuesday.
The joke around the house was a quote from our friend Silas, "Nancy's sleeping. Nancy's sleeping like tractor at Fernwood School."


ppindell said...

I wish Nancy were still sleeping. If she were she wouldn't have risen at 6:30 and decided it was time for me to wake up so that I could accompany her to the coffee shop. She did this because she was feeling blog deficient. She needed to get her blog on, and so here we are in the coffee shop. She is working on her blog and I am working on my thesis, instead of sleeping peacefully.

thebookbaglady said...

Ahoy there!! One of my favorite places....My sister has a business right there in East Sound. Be sure to drive up to the top of Mount Constitution if the weather is clear!

deanna said...

Every summer my brother got to go to Orcas Island with the family of one of his friends. I've never been, but I hear it's pretty pretty.

Congratulations, Nancy, on completing the relay. Sleep sounds like a good reward. :o)

Patty's World said...

Nancy Jean.......
Glad your having fun! Give everyone kisses!