Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break?

Yes, that was the moon this morning when I went to go meet Heidi for a seven mile run... 
It was all part of the strategy to get the running out of the way and meet with friends rather than putting off a long run later in the day. Now it seems so long ago. 
So this Saturday evening, I sit and eat Jelly Bellies, and try to reaccount the week...
Last Saturday, the morning of Emma's first party, my nephew and his wife came down from Vancouver to join us for Easter and Emma's birthday. We had a great time over the weekend, and Bud and Kes withstood my midday disappearance to go running. My evening disappearance was to Fred Meyer's in search of some Easter Bunny treats. My schedule during the week was crazy busy, and the Easter Bunny was never without children at the grocery. 
The highlight of Easter morning was that Bud and I joined the group on the church's annual Spencer's Butte sunrise hike. The low light was was Bud and I were the only ones to go on the hike. It seems that over all the years I've attended Reformation Fellowship, every year someone announces the hike and that there will  be hot chocolate, and sometimes Debbie's Blanchard's brownies. It's legend that some hikers may even get sick from overexertion. But somehow, I missed the unannouncement that no one had organized the event this year.  I had spoken with some friends the day before, and they were almost committed to the hike, but opted for sleeping instead.
So Bud and I donned our hiking gear, drove across town and made it to the parking lot by 6:10AM, otherwise know as the crack of dawn. Bud is quite the spry hiker, and as we were almost to the top of the mountain I had to tell myself, "I can run a half marathon. I can keep up with Buddy!" At we climbed to the top, it was sprinkling and windy, without an exciting sunrise, but it was one of those great bonding times for Bud and myself. The highlight of this early morning foray was watching a hawk sail in the wind above the butte. Although it was cold, we stayed  just a little longer to watch this awesome bird.  
Our visitors went to church with us, and listened to Jack Crabtree teach. It wasn't the usual Easter message, but I can't say we do anything too usual at our church.  We ended the afternoon home, with our Easter meal of roast and veggies. Kes was my kitchen coordinator/cook, while I dorkedly watched her work cuisine magic. 
So my last post was late Tuesday, as I slowed down, having survived my first teenage party. 
This meant that Wednesday, Spring Break was in full swing. The kids went to karate, and we met up with the our Bella friends at the Eugene Public Library. We'll it was sort of after karate. I had gone on a run with Heidi, and was absolutely soaked to the bone.  Although I don't normally dress to impress, I thought it best to go home and change, since my pants alone probably weighed five pounds! 
Our library visit was short lived, as the timing of our lateness was also the time limit of our wee little one year old friend. We were kindly invited for lunch post library, that turned out to be dinner as well. It's those friends that have put up with me for so long, that are those who are the precious gold in my life. 
Thursday, the birthday girl was in the midst of a full fledged sickness. Wednesday night she said she was cold, and Thursday awoke with a nice fever. So it's Saturday, and she's still sick. Maybe she'll be well just in time to go back to classes on Tuesday. Thanks to G-ma, on Thursday, Evander was able to get away from the Typhoid Pindell's. 
So Friday came, and I was so giddy waiting for a birthday luncheon at Marche for my good friend Linda. She's older than me, but allows youngsters to hang out with her. What also contributed to my giddiness was spending time with most of my very close friends throughout the week. I didn't even leave town!  This week felt like my birthday week!
Friday evening, Fiona and her family met us for dinner at Three Forks. My friend Erin was back from sunny California and joined up with us as well. Saturday, the De laMottes came to the house, and we chatted in up with Fiona and the fam while Fiona's very good friend, Sara Groves, played the background music. 


OK, the silly, saddest part of the week is that I missed the birthday celebration at the Poet's Garden.
Since my last visit to Poet's Garden, I feel as though I have proselytized the merits of this fine establishment to all my lady friends. It's not just the amazing gardens these women have established that draw me to this place, it's their demeanor and grace that they share with their customers.  I also appreciate that Poet's Garden is a bit off the beaten path. I love that it gives me a moment's break in my role as a wife and mother, just to peruse through the gift items and admire the garden. 


Deanna said...

Thanks for the update on your wonderful week. Sorry Emma's been sick. I missed Easter Sunday due to sick! At least someone from church always makes it up the Butte to carry on the tradition. Last year my nephew climbed with Tim and our boy. This year you did it - good for you.