Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Good Day

How does one describe a good day? What are the criteria for a good day? I can't say I have that "feeling" often, but today was a good day. 
I woke up earlier than usual, thinking I had to get Evander up to make sure his Tuberculosis report was ready for his science class. Of course, I did delegate that chore to Paul, as I decided to shower before making  a public appearance. 
This morning, I stayed in Evander's NASA science class and listened the the children's good, yet disgusting reports on diseases. It truly was "refreshing" to see the product of their labors. 
I also met with my writers class teacher in my office/Dodge Grand Caravan. I apologized for not having any tea, although, a half eaten Cliff Bar was in the seat I offered her. She didn't eat it.
The conversation was refreshing, in that, this woman is interested in the dialogue about expressing oneself through writing- expressing one's faith, person, worldview, etc. This whole process of writing and sending the writing out into the blogosphere is very, well, new to me. It seems I haven't put much of an effort into expressing myself with writing since my olden days of "quiet times". Now, this writing seems new, maybe some sort of new beginning, perhaps a new "role" in my life. 
Our conversation did come to an end, mostly because I had to get in the pizza line for lunch. Why would one stand in line for pizza?  It being Tuesday, our "business" keeps us from thinking far enough ahead to make a lunch. Emma does a much better job at packing a lunch than I, and I usually have one foot out the door when I remember to remind her to pack it. Well, the school orders the pizza from a local Figaro's, and unfortunately, only a limited amount of pizza is ordered. Hence, I have to make sure we get our pizza by securing my place in line well before the children rush out their classes. 
 Back to the fact that I was taking a meeting in the van while the pizza was delivered... Well, I not being too dissimilar to Pavlov's dog, knew that pizza would be in the building and abruptly ended our meeting.  What happens is that the aroma of that Figaro's pizza saturates the building. It then becomes a dire need to buy that pizza.
One mom said she would buy that pizza in lieu of manicures- just so she wouldn't have think about packing a lunch. 
 My friend later asked how the pizza was, I guess I wasn't as subtle as I thought.
What was good about the pizza? It was cold when I ate it. I hardly remember eating the pizza, because while I was standing in line I was handed an envelope. It was the envelope for which Evander had run out to the mailbox these past few day to retrieve(It was sent to the school, as they did not have our address). We took the envelope directly to Evander's writing teacher's room so she could watch him open it and see what was inside. It took him forever to cut the envelope open. The drama was so intense that the anticipation of knowing what was inside increased with every tiny cut of those tiny children's scissors.  
Inside the letter stated that he had won honorable mention in a local children's poetry contest! Apparently, over three hundred kids had entered the contest and his being honorable mention is, well, honorable. Evander's smile and his announcing  he'd won the contest was way better than hot pizza. I, as the proud Mama, wore that plastered on smile of pride...
Tuesday's schedule has us racing from one event to the other, however, the day kept getting better. I had the opportunity of meeting with a friend over coffee to discuss a parenting issue. My friend and I hadn't had a sit down conversation for quite a while. The time is always well spent being with her, as she is a woman who exudes the wisdom of one who pursues God. The grace, kindness and humor she shares gives me encouragement in my fumbling as a parent.
Is this an end to the never ending Tuesday? No, the day just kept getting better... I'll skip to the end where the Cub Scout meeting went well, as we ceremoniously celebrated the boy's accomplishments in their progress in ranks. The other leader did such a good job preparing for the meeting that the kids truly had good time, and my not being prepared was easily overlooked.
OK, that's the short version of my good day, a thank you Jesus kind of day. 


Indy4now said...

Oh, Wow, I feel as if I was the fly on the wall during your day. That must say something about your writing! I have either spent much time with you and miss your play by play of the drive from here to there or that writing instructor is pretty good. Well, either way I enjoyed your descriptions and am suddenly craving pizza. And please congratulate Van on all his accomplishments!