Monday, March 10, 2008

Top Ten Notable Observations on Today's Run

1) The Communist flag is no longer hanging in the window at the City Bakery.
2)At the Amazon Community Center a “Tofu Adventures” class for 3/2 is being advertised on their sign. It also say, “Come Hungry.”
3)I didn't have to tell any dog owners on the Amazon trail to leash their dogs.
4)I saw a teenage smoker on a skateboard.
5)I gave a holler to some daffodils I helped plant at Gutenberg.
6)It seems college students wear their pajamas to class. In college, I wore lavender sweat pants, not pj's.
7)I'm wondering if I'm the only one not invited to be a contestant in the Miss Runner America pageant. It seems that the women who run at the same time I do around the university are all participants in the pageant.
8)Are they giggling at me when I run by?
9) Hayward field is looking way cool.
10)Six miles didn't use to be that long.


Matt and Elsa Nelson said...

KEEP ON TRUCKIN', AUNT NAN!! Shucks, if I had been running with you, I'm sure I would have been one of the Ten Notables! :-)And, you definitely get my vote for Miss Runner America Pageant! Love you!