Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mountains of Laundry

A bit of reality has found it's way into my home. I stood on a mountain of laundry this afternoon, wondering if I would make my way down.
You see, between running, traveling and "writing", the laundry and other domestic duties have fallen to the wayside. Today, I ran out of important underthings, which means I really had to climb that mountain. 
I don't believe I've ever had to do so much laundry, so I dubbed the day, "Laundrathon".  I also toyed with the names of  "Laundrama" or "Launderama," even "Laund-o-rama".
I won't bore with the details of my laundering system, but I will say that most of the time, I turn on the tele when I fold clothes. Sometimes I let the ADHD take control. I'll stand and fold one item at a time, then go put it away. Again, one item at a time. 
OK, I barely ever watch Oprah. But sometimes, when I'm folding laundry, I do. Today, women like me were on the show. The women who are harassed by the "What Not To Wear" people. Apparently, these women volunteered to be subjected to the scrutiny of the fashion police. I want to know who gave them permission to make fun of me? 
This morning I kept my running clothes on after running. Not terribly unusual, but we had lunch later than we normally do, which gave me no time to shower and change before Evander's chess class. I exclaimed, "I have to go like this!" So, I went out wearing my new black striped track pants, my old running shoes, my lime green Sporthill shirt, and my salvaged, navy blue polyester long-sleeved shirt. My shirt is salvaged in that, I found it in the winter outdoor box. It had survived the winter, but the box also contained a rotten onion. It doesn't smell like onion anymore. It's just the thought of smelling like an onion makes it smell like an onion.
The fashionistas say not to go out in your exercise clothes-except for the ones they say you can wear. I think they might disapprove of my going out in the onion shirt.
It's a good thing I'm doing laundry today.  


Deanna said...

I like Laund-o-rama, although Laundrathon is great, too. :o)

Paul said...

Oprah! Aren't you always telling me that you don't watch Oprah.
Oh yeah and thanks I was able to find a pair of socks this morning in under 20 minutes. :-)

Cherie said...

"Think little of what others think of you." Can't remember who said that. Obviously not Oprah's cronies.