Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Look Who's at the Door!

Just this morning I was reading the Macy's ad in the paper noticing that robes were on sale. It promptly reminded me of my visit with Jodi in Indiana. She had the most comfy robe for me to wear, and in seeing the ad, I thought I should go buy myself one. Although it wouldn't have the same comfort without Jodi's hospitality. 
Today, in Evander's science class, I looked through the pictures from our visit to Indianapolis, missing the kids and Jodi. I even stopped to notice the picture I took of her dashboard with the "12" on the thermometer. 
After the class, I went upstairs to the lunchroom, and noticed the dismal weather outside. Another mother and I commented that the weather was, well, yucky. Then I said to myself, "At least it's not as cold as Indiana."
This afternoon, the kids and I were sitting on the couch in our living room looking at the schedule for the day, when we noticed a boy running to the door. Evander jumped up to investigate, assuming that it was his friend Logan. He looked out the window to see who it was-it was the boy from Indiana, Cooper!
When Evander noticed it was Cooper we heard a big, "Whoa!!!"
Evander rushed to open the door as he continued to exclaim, "Whoa!!" In a flurry of surprise, there stood Cooper, Payton and Jodi, our friends from Indiana! We hugged and laughed and kept pointing out that it was really them.
The kids stayed and played while Jodi went to an appointment. While she was gone, we fed them hot Nestle chocolate chip cookies and Umpqua vanilla bean ice cream, as it is apropos to share with such dessert loving friends. 
What a great surprise on such a day. We are looking forward to these next dreary days!


Indy4now said...

Whoa, look who it is on your blog already, your inside friend from Indy! You are sooooo fast! We were just there. I was reading to Mycah about all the details of flavors etc. and she commented that you must be a writer! Made me feel as if I was there, wait I ACTUALLY was! You were not dreaming and we will see you tomorrow too! Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Deanna said...

What great fun when a surprise like that happens. I'm happy for all of you.

Cherie said...

Serendipity! Sweet sweetness that it is. Happy for you!