Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Fulfilling Weekend

Friday seems so long ago.
Our family has a blessed and full life, but our lives can move very fast. I sometimes miss cherishing those true moments of joy, because, to my detriment, I am "The Queen of Moving On." I see life as these "snapshots" of learning opportunities, and times to really and truly love people. But generally how I operate is that although I am thankful and grateful for spending time with people, I'm on to the next scheduled activity. Perhaps when we over schedule ourselves we miss enjoying the gifts that are given to us.
Saturday morning began with a celebration of Emma, as her thirteenth birthday is on Monday. At Emma's request, we met at the Fifth Street Public Market, downstairs at the Marche Provisions. Some of the people who have helped in the village aspect of raising Emma attended this gathering. Paul and I are blessed in that we have not done this parenting job on our own. The people at this gathering have gone out of their way to make themselves available for the caring of our children. They are not at a lack for teachers, or Aunties and Uncles.
Friday seems long ago, and I am too tired to give the rest of the account of our weekend. Perhaps tomorrow sometime in the whirlwind of Emma's birthday, I can record the other events of the weekend.