Friday, March 21, 2008

Special times with Indy kids

On his return from California this evening, my husband was quick to comment that he didn't know what I was doing because I had not made a post these past few days. I told him I was just too busy.
These busy times make for exciting posts, but I don't have time to go through all the details, so here is one of the great highlights of the past few days.
Our children's friends from Indiana joined up with us Wednesday after the kids were done with karate. As I am busy readying myself for visits and grand celebrations of Emma's thirteenth birthday, I have had errands and cleaning on the agenda these past couple of days. The kids obliged by having lunch at Costco, with a promise of a trip to the park afterwards.
I haven't commented much on homeschooling as a blog author, however, our conversation at the Costco table was quite fascinating. I'm not sure how the discussion began, but the children "talked amongst themselves" about their fondness of a home school education, and compared their likes and dislikes of a subject like math and history. The younger children discovered that they had all recently studied Roman history. They debated over the reasons why Romulus killed Remus, for quite some time (I asked Van how to spell these names, he replied, "How can you write about someone who you can't spell their name?"Ouch).
Who'd a thunk such a conversation would take place at the Costco hot dog kiosk.
The photos reveal the fun the kids had at the park. As we drove home I asked the kids how they liked the park. I had commented that Emma was almost too big for the park (she's grown taller than some of my adult women friends). Payton interjected with this question,
"How can someone ever be too big for the park?"