Saturday, March 01, 2008


I have made it a whole week on the blogosphere only to discover that I am an illidiot. Or is it, I am illidiot? 
Writing this past week reminds me that although I began my college career in journalism, I ended it with Human Services. Instead of writing stuff about people, I did stuff with people. I do not regret the path that I have taken. I began my journalistic career wanting to make television commercials. But instead of working for "the man" I opted to work for "the Man". 
It was a horrible experience that I had in "Grammar for Journalists" my sophomore year at the 
U of O, that lead me to switch careers. As I recall, while taking the final exam, I became the victim of the multiple choice exam. I thought, "Well, I could use this in a sentence this way, or I could use it that way-no that way. It wouldn't make me a bad person to use it that way". I had so many choices, so many options-too many options. I earned a "D". I was horrified. I hadn't earned such a grade since French my freshman year (The teacher told me I could speak French, but didn't know anything).
 I prefer Spanish anyway.
 So now, this writing in English reminds me of my past grammar woes. I find myself in situations that leave me wondering if I should use a comma, or a colon, or a semicolon.  What or which are the rules? Then there's deciding which word would fit best in the context. There are a lot of words (I was told by my freshman high school English teacher never to use a lot).
I shant forget what I tell my children,  spelling does count. Especially when you've posted about a person, and then a little birdie tells you the name of that person is misspelled, not mentioning that it's misspelled over half a dozen times. 
But I will write on. I don't have my English teacher, grammar teacher, or French teacher telling me I don't know anything. I can figure that out by  my own, illidiotic self.  


Deanna said...

It's obvious I'm no editor, because I didn't notice your misspelling. Journalism and grammar - interesting facets of your life I never knew. I must say I prefer German, though I'd get an F if I took a test on it today.