Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mantal Health

In Saturday's paper, there was an article with a headline asking for people to join a "Mantal Health Committee."
Well, I didn't take many mantal health classes at the U of O. I do, however, have a few friends that inspire me in such domestic artful play, but I just know I was meant for the mantal health field. I was even a "Skill Builder" in the mantal health field a few years ago. I would go to a family's house and help them with their mantal health issues. I was really good at the diagnosis of such issues as: " PTSD; Post Tramatic Stuff Disorder," "ADHD; Anti-Do-Hickey Disorder," "OCD; Obssessive Clutter Disorder," and when they just had a poor mantal self-image.
Well, a few weeks ago, I had an itching or inspiration, to add a little aesthetic love to my house-without spending "any" money (So, maybe I did spend some money. I think the "mantle love" cost about ten bucks).
The boy in the picture, clearly benefits from my mantal health expertise.


Deanna said...

I fall off my chair to your wit. May I sign up for mantal health therapy?

travelin' nan said...

Actually Deanna, I am only a Qualifed Mantal Health Associate. I am not a therapist. I would probably have to get my degree in Interior Architecture or Design to be considered a "Mantal Health Therapist." I can only walk alongside you in your mantal angst, not delve into your aesthetic pain.
Do you have a photo of your "mantal"? That might be a good place for us to start.