Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time has flown by this week. We are a very active family, but I have spent the majority of this Sunday, oddly enough resting.
So, the rundown of this week is...
We began the long list of to-do's for our "Sunriver" vacation to Orlando. Glow in the dark bracelets are on our list, as are rain ponchos for those really wet rides.
Our "Sunriver Gang" is vacationing in Florida rather than Sunriver. We've hung out at Sunriver with two other families since Evander was a baby, and have spent time together on vacation almost every year since then. Last year, my dear friends were wonderful caregivers to me while we were at Sunriver.
My dad was very ill and I didn't know if our family was going to be able to meet our friends at Sunriver, but bless their little hearts. They listened to me, fed me, and put all the meals together. These are those constant friends that will last a lifetime...
Tuesday, at Scouts the boys worked on learning knots. I tried somewhat hard to learn these knots, but this wasn't the night. I'm still working on my shoelaces.
Wednesday, I was able to do one of my all time favorite activities. I went to the Lane County Waste Disposal site, otherwise known as the dump. I'm not sure when my attraction to the dump began but maybe it was when one of my siblings took me when I was little, and I found a skateboard, which I took home. Maybe that's when I started loving free stuff too. bb
The Cub Scouts were given a great tour of the new BRING facility, and of course, the dump. It smelled. Not super smelly, but smelly enough for sure. Jokes aside, I was a bit distraught knowing that I contributed to the loss of about two 35ft. trees a year. So I have felt guilty for any use of paper these past few days. Maybe I've saved a branch since Wednesday.
This was a big week in that our nephew Sam turned fifteen. On Thursday, Emma and I watched him run a race in track. It was so nice to be able to go and support him in such a way, especially since Crazy Aunt Nan has a fondness for track.
Friday was our run around day, as we tried to finish the never ending list of to-do's. Emma and I hit the salon, later the kids had a game date with Grandma Judie.
I haven't mentioned our little soccer organization that meets on Saturday morning, but that's for another post.

After soccer, Evander read his "When the Clock Strikes 8:00" at the Saturday market.
I was a proud Mama listening to him. I was also very glad that his godparents and grandmother were there to support him as well. It was cold outside, but the experience was well worth the outdoor experience.
We also joined Sam Saturday night with his friends and "outlaws". Sam's mom is marrying into a wonderful family, and our little family seems to have quadrupled.
So this Sunday's review has turned into Tuesday's review of Tuesday through Tuesday, with Sunday being one of the highlights not aforementioned. Sunday I had occasion to lay around. I ran the "Recycle Run" shortly after the morning snow. I didn't run in the snow, but it was quite chilly. Without the play by play, I'll fast forward to the end where Paul, Tucker and baby Wilder cheered at the end. My good buddy ran the race too, and it was too fun hollering for her. There weren't many people running the race, so I came home with another medal. The highlight was the exciting cheering from my friends, and laughing at ourselves for being crazy enough for running nine miles on a perfectly good Sunday morning.


Deanna said...

Poetry, trash, and running. What better combination for a week? Are you travelin' this week? If you're checking blogs at all, peek at mine for the contest featuring Jane's books (I sneaked that plug in quite nicely, yes?).