Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Four B's

What I have written on my right hand is, "Be Brave, Be Calm, Be Clear and Be Careful."
Why do I have this written on my right hand? Well, almost three years ago, I signed our family up for Cub Scouts. Evander has his Tiger and Wolf and patch and has almost completed the achievements for Bear. I say our family joined because Boy Scouts really is a family and community organization. Their philosophies not only encourage the boys to build character, but encourage families to help build a great community.
Oddly enough, I've never been a boy, but was extremely jealous of my brother when he was a Cub Scout. He was able to do some great activities with his friends, as I watched. I thoroughly admired Mrs. Paulson, his den mother. She was able to mesmerize these boys into working on activities that they might not try on their own. Now, as a woman, even I see that such a leadership role as a Cub Scout Den Leader can have an influence on these boys' sister. As of yesterday, I became a card carrying Cub Scout Den Leader. So now, I have the opportunity to be a den leader and do all the fun things the boys do-if I choose. I made it through those first squirrelly years with the boys, and I look forward to the journey ahead with them. I'm going to need to be brave-maybe I should get my hand tattooed with those 4 B's.


Paul said...

Is it just me becoming dyslexic or does our camera reverse the image?

Deanna said...

I didn't get over to talk to you at church, but I sure liked your four b's; although that does look suspiciously like a left hand. ;o)

travelin' nan said...

It's my right hand, but somehow the image reverses itself. After I wrote them, I realized I wrote them in reverse order. I'm not use to writing on myself. I was convinced as a child I would get poisoned, so I rarely write of myself. Maybe this is a post 40 phase.