Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Keys To A Lifelong Friendship

Monday...Well, now I'm back to the Lindsay/Morgan visit.
Not so fast, a little more rewinding. Sunday night we beat the rain, and moved all the giagantamous lavender to the back yard. Then we were tired. But not too tired, because I promised Lindsay we would have enough energy for her visit. 
On Monday, we were up bright and early and I went into full speed cleaning mode (although I'm not too sure anyone could tell). After the unofficial end of the clean-a-thon, I needed to move on to my hostessing duties. As I am not a huge plan aheader in regards to meals, I was perplexed as to what I might serve the ladies for lunch. The regular faire for guests around here would be sandwiches with meat, but I opted for something a little more fun for the ladies. I went the fondue route. 
After a trip to a couple of grocery stores,  I showed up just in time to greet our guests. After our greeting of hugs and welcomes, Morgan showed me what she bought from the outlet stores at the coast. I'm a little slow, but those thinking wheels started turning as she showed me a cute onesie with a duck on it. My sweet little flower girl is going to have a baby!
We so enjoyed the afternoon with pregnancy talk, baby talk, catching up and eating a variety of veggies and not so veggies with our fondue (Evander later confessed to eating double digit marshmallows!). 
As Monday was a continuously stormy day, we did find time near the end of the visit to drive to Shamrock Gifts so I could show Lindsay and Morgan one of the places I like to gaze at the gift items. I thought of her the last time I was there as they had a multitude of bunnies for sale, as I associate bunnies with Aunt Lindsay. While we were there she confessed that a youngster recently visiting her home had counted nineteen bunnies residing in her home, with two real ones living outside. 
A few days ago, in my blog, I touted my devotion, admiration and affection for my beautiful sister-in-law Lindsay. Visiting with her left no doubt of that. She left behind what reminds me of the keys to a lifelong friendship-letting go, forgiving, loving no matter the cost, and an enduring sense of humor.  


Deanna said...

Sure glad you've had fun with special people from your life. I hope your lavender survived the "snowstorm"!