Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red Carpet Club-Day One

We've flown the first leg of our trip and have a way long layover in SFO. I am trying not to count how many bags of chips or pretzels I've eaten. I'm trying to remain calm knowing that there are free snacks a few feet away. I also know that no lunch is served on the plane, so I'm trying to fill myself enough not to go into starvation mode on the plane (not that many of us good Americans starve). I keep sending the children for snacks, as I am busy working on my computer. I'm not sure which sort of work I've done. It's more about killing time, since I know I will be interrupted by sweet family and all these new surroundings.
Evander is giving Paul a tutorial in Pokemon. Emma is busy helping me pace myself with the snacks. I think I might be getting full.
As I wrote that, Paul signaled me that it was time to go eat. WE obviously aren't on the same page. He was asking about going to eat real food. I thought that was against the rule that he didn't know about- that is buying the non-free food. I'll have to hurry up and eat my chips.
Last night, we made it to our destination without starving. We intend to spend much of the day by the pool.