Sunday, April 27, 2008

Which day is this? Oh, Saturday

We hit the lazy river today. What is a lazy river? Well, a lazy river is usually at some sort of water park where you go around and around on an inner tube without having to move much,with the exception of trying to avoid getting doused by water from waterfalls and such. We went to Typhoon Lagoon, another Disney park.
No cool freebies at the water park, but Emma met her heart's desire.
It was called, “The Garbage Pail”.This was a sand bucket filled with ice cream and toppings such as waffle cone pieces and hot fudge sauce. I was huge, not even the four of us could eat it. I must say she learned that important life lesson about you eyes being bigger than your stomach.
On an odd note, I must say, keeping this blog “Cub Scout rated” is difficult when one has spent the day in a sea of humanity. Oh what tales a water park could tell...
We headed back to the hotel for the evening, and of course, we went to the manager's reception for more slushies and popcorn. Our night had only began, as our next destination was Disney Quest. Disney Quest is a multi-level arcade extravaganza. At first it was sensory overload, then it was, “MUST PLAY GAMES!” We played for about two hours, but left in order to meet our friends at the Orlando airport.
This was the first installment of our “Sunriver” friends meeting at Orlando. They were in very late, and we waited and waited for them to arrive, but they seemed to enjoy their surprise greeting.