Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Three Nancy's

So Thursday, we slept in late, and laid by the pool a good portion of the day. We enjoyed the pool deck atmosphere with the rock 'n roll sunshine music playing in the background. We also had a surprise guest, yes the guy has a power washer, yes a loud gas power washer. The kids and Paul survived my vigilant sun screen spraying (If you ever want to say, make someone scream like a girl, the new sunscreen sprays come out freezing cold).

Not very exciting, but it sure was relaxing. The freebies for the day were at the manager's reception where we had free snacks, and the kids had all the slushies they could drink. We headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. Evander was in nine year old boy heaven at the Lego store. Also, we did a stock up trip to the Winn Dixie. For those who didn't see the movie (one of my favorites), Winn Dixie is a grocery chain. Well, I did my pre-Disney World trip homework, and sent away for my Winn Dixie Club Card. Well, I saved over seven dollars off my bill just because I did so. That was exciting.
Friday, we slept in later than we had planned, as the time change threw us off, but we did go to a Disney park today, two actually. Our first trip was to Animal Kingdom, where I met the Nancys. We entered the park, and while Emma was on a hunt for a park map in English, I noticed a cast member was named, Nancy. Well I quickly stated that I was also a Nancy. We began to chit chat and she gave me a “dream”. Well I can't say I had really dreamed it before, but she gave us a pass for priority seating to the “Lion King” show. I can say it was really cool. Paul was able to be a part of the show by acting out the sound of a warthog. My very own Pumba.

We spent the majority of the day at Animal Kingdom, and loved the Expedition Everest ride. It is a crazy adrenaline making roller coaster. The Kali River Rapid ride was awesome as well. It's a big ol' circular raft ride where you never know if your the one who will get soaked. At one point, I closed my eyes, and heard a wave that sounded like what a tsunami must sound like...It hit Paul and only a little of me.
As Animal Kingdom closed early this evening, we took off for Disney's Hollywood Studios, as it was the park that was open the latest. We were disappointed to know that the major rides that were open were two hour waits, so we opted for ice cream, fries, and an interesting “movie” tour. Needless to say, we headed back to the hotel about two hours after going to this park.