Monday, February 18, 2008

A Time to Write

I made it out of the house! My running partner was busy this morning, so I dropped Emma off at karate and drove onto one of my favorite places in Eugene, the Fifth Street Public Market. This was the time I was to work on my book, but the program I use wouldn't work, some sort of warning kept popping up. I feared my machine would melt down in front of me, and "Love Casserole" would be up in toxic smoke(where's Technoman when I need him?)
Since I just travelled to "Indy", I went to New Twist and bought one of a few things I actually collect. It's a frosted drinking glass with a state, city or country printed oh so vintage-like. I bought the last "Indiana" glass. The young clerk lady ever so carefully wrapped and boxed it for me, so I could give it to Paul to give it to me for one of my Valentine's gifts. 
By the way, I love Marche's food, but most of the time, 99.9% I go to the upstairs cafe and buy a coffee and a cookie. The cookie is a peanut butter, chocolate chip with roasted hazelnuts. Just yumm. 
I'm not sure if I can do the cookie routine while trying to type, as I spent half the time licking my fingers. Yes, I know, they do offer napkins, but what fun is that? They taste like paper.
Usually it's not just any cup of coffee. My good friend introduced me to a warm bowl of latte love. I prefer the cafe au lait with the fluffy, foamy designs, served in a white bowl that warms your hands, and gives you something to hang onto while deep into conversation with a friend.
Drinking one of these is a must when visiting Eugene. 
As much as I love this combo, I almost always forget that even the decaf coffee they use makes me hyper, anxious and talk faster than I already do. I guess my family and friends get to experience the downside to this vice.


Indy4now said...

oo oo... I wanna see this indy mug/glass! love the pic of 5th street... sooo miss the cup o latte. I can almost taste the foam from your post. But not quite. Thanks for the love from Panera this weekend! hope you enjoyed it!

Deanna said...

It's fun to see (and to hear, last night) bits of your writing wittiness. May you find the right spaces and times for your Casserole.