Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Casserole

At Christmas, my husband bought me a MacBook, specifying that I could now write the book I had talked about writing for years. Since then, I have mulled over ideas, asked more questions of others, and thus began the writing process. Well,  Love Casserole is the title of the book that I am really writing. I've thrown the title around for a while amongst my group of friends. We'd be in conversation, and I would often interject, "That would be a part of the book I haven't written yet, you know Love Casserole".  It seems as though I have "interviewed" many of my friends these past few years. I would ask them about their experience at the church they attend, and the interactions they may have with others in their congregation, teachers, etc.,  perhaps I was digging for answers for the "Utopian" church.
 Right now, this book will be sort of a combination of my Christian journey and ideas I have about living in Christian "community". I want my experience to be known, in that, I believe that "beliefs" are formed in part by our experience, and that "authorial intent" is influenced by our experiences and beliefs. Hence, the reader will have some information about how I came up with the thoughts/ideas of what I thinks works in community.
So why the book? I see a need to encourage each other to live our lives in pursuit of God's righteousness. We live in a world that is more interested in survival of the fittest, rather than the idea of "Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself" that Christ taught. Perhaps the idea of the book emerged out of the frustrations I have with my own church "body". Perhaps this book writing is to remind me of how great a community it is in which I live.