Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Show and Tell

In the third grade, I brought a stick for show and tell. It wasn't any ordinary stick. It was a stick from my Aunt Nancy's farm in Creswell. We lived in Portland in an apartment building where we didn't have any sticks. OK, we had sticks. But this stick was from far, far away. 
I took some pictures of sticks in my yard to prove that I could blog about just any ol' thing. 
These trellises were made by my sweet, obliging husband from one of the cherry trees in my yard. 
I have yet to plant anything to trellis there, as that seems to be "low on my list", but since I have shown and teld them, I should grow   something on them. 
By the way, my third grade teacher always had to tell me my sharing time was up.


Deanna said...

I sure enjoy your showing and telling. See, with a blog, the time doesn't have to end! Well, maybe there's the rest of life to get to...