Saturday, February 23, 2008


This blogging thing is interesting. I have discovered that if I can write about a stick, I can write about anything. I am certain that my life is not boring, but by writing this blog am I trying to convince others that it is not?
 Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend about blogging, and she wasn't so sure she wanted to read others "journals". I still haven't read many other blogs, but since I have begun my own I have had a bit of a fascination with what others might "show and tell". I'm already asking myself if my blog is good enough or has cool enough pictures, quotes or crafts. But if you know me, you would realize that I'm a titch quirky, and  you may never know what's on this blog.
As I have not produced anything remarkable lately, my family certainly has. The banging that kept me awake the other night was due to my husband working on "something" for the garden. Well, we are a family that enjoys composting (yes, these people like making dirt), so Paul made a tumbler for the dirt. 
Evander not only volunteered his time this morning for "Goodwill Good Turn Day", but also produced his pinewood derby car.  He calls it, "Eat My Smoke...Literally".
These photos do not show the obstacle courses that are throughout the house. These courses are a result of "Typhoid Pindell" which sidelined all our worker people, all week long.


Deanna said...

You're not going to want another comment from just me, but I like what you're doing. Great, touching Christmas video, and a very spiffy race car.

I announced in church everyone should read your blog. (Just kidding, but I should've.)

Sarah said...

Nan,I echo your thoughts about this weird thing, blogging, and how and why in the first place we might try to convince others our life is interesting through our blog! I'm new to blogging as well and still trying to figure out what place I want it to fill. Whatever else it might be it is consistent writing practice and that is half the writing battle! I look forward to reading Love Casserole!