Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Did you ever notice that feeling you when you arrive at someplace new? Is it the weather? The anticipation of meeting friends? The smells of the people, the town? Is it the feel of the air on your skin? What do you look for-the familiar or the new?

I had a short list of possible to do's while in Indiana, but the list kept shortening as I enjoyed the comfort of my friends' home, and shivered at the idea of heading out into the eleven degree weather(what a treat going out to get the paper in my jammies and robe!).
It was not what we saw and did that impressed me, but the comfort and solace of the company that surprised me. 
It wasn't just the fluffy robe, big cups of coffee, super sticky buns, hearty beef stroganoff, and the comfiest duvet I've ever slept under that made me want to stay, but the graciousness that exuded from my friend.


Indy4now said...

o, du come back! luv to soak up some more pindellies myself. makes me want to try downstairs bed again too. tee hee