Thursday, February 28, 2008

38 Minutes of Lead

Do you remember those days when you ran twice as fast as you do now? Or should one say, now they're twice as slow?

I took up running, again, January 2007 for many reasons. One being that the big 4-0 was approaching and I needed to prove something to myself. I did it because I was having terrible angst about my two sisters with very difficult health issues. I did it because I thought it was a positive way to "medicate" myself to help fight depression. I did it because I felt like I needed to get strong. I did it to thank God for the healthy enough body that's been given to me.
Running the Eugene Half Marathon was a glorious event. The memories made while running, training and laughing with my "niece" Elsa are priceless. Being in the event was like being the Rose Festival Princess that I never was (ask Elsa about the waving). I also won't forget my infamous saying to the Study Center crowd, "Thanks peeps!"
Last August, I made it through the rigors of the Hood to Coast Relay. My teammates won't forget all the kin I spoke of as we travelled through the hills of Portland. It's amazing how the mind forgets such things as twenty-four hours of numbness.
So now, I'm training for the next Eugene Half Marathon. Last year, most of the time, I trained by myself, or should I say, me and my IPod. This year, I have someone real I'm running with. I think she's related to Jamie Sommers. She runs with her dog, and the last time we ran, I asked if she was needing to buy a leash for me because I was so slow. I've had to learn how to run and talk, and sometimes ask her to talk, because I would hyperventilate if I tried.
I'm also set to run the Cascade Lakes Relay in August. Another crazy long relay. I don't really know what my running goals are of yet. I wouldn't mind finding a charity I could support while running. But I would have to do some research before committing to one specifically. I've already had ethical dilemmas with some of the charities which are beneficiaries of some races. I suppose I'll eventually blog about that. I just don't want to put my running shoes in my mouth...yet.
So for now, I'll just try to keep the leash off of me. 


Matt and Elsa Nelson said...

Ohh...I miss our runs, Nancy! Well, maybe not so much the runs, but I miss those fun conversations we would have while running together! You're the bestest Aunt Nan ever! Love you!