Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's interesting when one thinks they have a plan.
My plan for this week was to tackle some of the organization in the house, and get ready for my Mt. Hope Chronicles friends to come and play. 
Instead of being home, I was with my friend Bella caring for her after her accident.
 I am honored to be helping her, as I know she would do the same for me. It's more difficult for me to be away from the hospital, even though I know she's in good care. Perhaps it's that we're so used to sharing a good portion of our week together- teaching the kids, field trips, recounting our weekends, doing each others dishes, finding the chocolate stash, and on and on.
The year before last, I helped teach a Bible study to a group of girls, including Emma, on the subject of trials and sufferings. Now, I knew that teaching a group of middle school girls on such a topic was a risk, but I taught on it anyway. I felt I knew the subject well, yet it was hard to convey suffering when the girls were so young, and so loved. 
But perhaps this lesson was for me, again.


Erin said...

Glad to see you writing. A bit of a lifeline this week. Being busy while out of town was much easier. Thinking of you often. Trying not to worry about you or Bella. Grateful for you both. E