Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking Forward

I had looked forward to blogging about recent events it my life, when all of my events and seemingly important "stuff" in life has come to a screeching halt.
My last post(written a while ago, but posted today) said if  you wanted to know what I was doing, to check out my friend, Bella Art Girl's blog . 
When one experiences life in community,  we embrace great joys, and endure great sorrows. 
I am trying not to be in a fog right now, but that is how my body responds to such a blow. One of the closest friends is in such pain. It's difficult to write much more. I want to write much more. 
Please pray for my dear friend. She will need so much encouragement.
I will write a post if I can. I don't want the reality of the situation to be such, but I will only need to endure a minuscule fraction of what my friend is facing.
While I was in the emergency room with her I thought of one of the passages in the Bible where some friends of a crippled man tore open a roof and lowered him into a building where Jesus was teaching, so Christ could heal their friend. 
That's what I would like to do.


deanna said...

Oh, dear Nancy, I've just ached for you (and for Maricel, too, of course). What a week you've had! I pray you can find some space to regroup a bit. Seriously, call me if I can take you anywhere or anything.