Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keeping Up with Myself

Here are some of the mamas with whom I spent the day "educating" my children. 
My Thursday for the next school year, will be as Mrs. Teague's parent/tutor helping with the "Journeyman" group at Classical Conversations.  If I recall, about seventeen families have joined in the endeavour of "classically" educating our children. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is the definition of a classical education. I just know Mrs. T is beyond being a great teacher. I'm not saying that just because she's one of my closest friends.
Last post, I wrote about my "Facebook Frenzy." I'm already tired of the competition with Paul on acquiring friends. It's almost dizzing keeping up with all those friends daily happenings. Also, I generally don't keep an account of my friends-except for inviting others to big parties and speculating who would show up for my funeral. 
At the park today, I found myself scanning for potential Facebook friends. It was like, "What's your name?Do you use Facebook?"
I am curious to see how this sort of "social" networking will pan-out. I wonder if it just is a forum for smarty pants like me.
One of my FB friends commented that FB was narcissistic. Hmm? Is blogging much different?
I also wonder if these are moments I choose to occupy my time while I'm waiting for Jesus. Perhaps it's an inner conflict I'm having with making the most of every moment, and enjoying "the humor of the situation."
I've also had a little boy share with me his angst with his mother spending so much time on the computer. I've let the little boy know that I'll use the computer when he's in bed. He'll be going to be at 6PM from here on out.


Bella Art Girl said...

good use of a reflexive pronoun..: ) sorry that is the first thing that popped into my head after our grammar this morning..notice the "our" ooooo stop....everything is grammar