Friday, September 05, 2008

"Did They Change the Capitals?"

Seriously. I was in Evander's Classical Conversations class, and the class was working on  memorizing the east coast states and capitals. I had seriously forgotten the true names of the majority of them, as if my brain had made up it's own capitals. You know, Portland, ME, Providence, RI, cities that should be capitals just because I'm familiar with their names.
I guess it's back to elementary school.
Good thing I'm the teacher.
Van started his Classical Conversations classes yesterday. He absolutely loved being in the classes. He asked, "Next time are you going to drop me off, then come back at lunch?" He didn't understand that I was suppose to be there and helping him learn.
He also said it was perfect, except for one thing, "Logan." Logan is probably one of the only other close friends that is not in his classes.
Overall, I'm am thrilled with CC, yet I was not as prepared as needed for the English class.  The work that needs to go into the studying before next Thursday, may be lacking, in that, it may take much more time to get the work done, than my busy little schedule will allow. I'm guessing this will be the norm. So I guess, I need to do some pre-planning. Hmmm, isn't there something about "Easier said than done?".
After CC, Evander and I drove to Harrisburg to get his haircut. He had a surprise waiting for him. As we pulled up, he yelled, in surprise, "It's Jodi!" Van knows that where there's a Jodi, there's a Cooper! Sure enough, they arrived in town on Thursday, and drove up to Harrisburg from Coburg to surprise the kids.
I wish I'd taken a photo of the group hug the boys were giving each other when they were inside the salon. Unbiasedly, I must say, Cooper, Carver and Evander are so darn cute together. All the boys look so big now! (I think big is a banned word in Evander's writing class) OK, they are ginormous!
Emma was to have had her haircut by Brenda as well, but I made a mistake in the schedule, and double booked Ems. Payton seemed disappointed when Emma wasn't there also. Payton's family is busy over the week, so she may not see her for a week or so.  
I'm always thrilled to see Jodi, but our conversation was brief, but hopefully we'll have longer talks while she's here on her visit.


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