Monday, October 11, 2010

Ode to the Internet

I don't want to take the time necessary to convey the love I have for what has become my love of being able to share with my world of "friends" the very important, deep, and meaningful thoughts I have within moments that I have such thoughtful thoughts. I want to be able to share what I think is worth sharing, with a photo, let's say, that may convey the humour of the situation, within moments of that thoughtful thought.
But the world is not up to speed with me. It's driving me batty to think that I couldn't call out of England without sacrifing our next house payment. All so that I could call my Mum to say that I was at Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. I also couldn't upload to facebook a picture of the fruit compote that we had for breakfast in Spain, as the compote had very interesting looking fruit/garnish on top of it. All this frustration because I didn't have a free  wireless connection at every street corner as we do in America.
I have imagined what it must have been like for those travellers back in the day when everyone did a "grand tour" of the world. They too were probably wanting to share their experiences with their peeps, but those travellers may have actually taken the time to write and to give thought to what they were writing, in a letter intended for one particular person, or audience. 
My last blog post seemed to be an example how we can make a choice to share even ridiculous thoughts with the world. Does the world need to know that I had a gurgly tummy during my first transatlantic flight? I think not. 
It takes time, and some level of deeper thought to find, and use words to describe the "pretty" river outside our hotel in Toledo. It takes time to decide whether I would like to convey my thoughts in a way similar to Nathaniel Hawthorne, or Erma Bombeck. Either of those writing "styles" take time, which the "younger" generation, such as myself, is no longer willing to take.  Nor are we interested in the wait it may take to have shared those thoughtful, important thoughts that go beyond that layer of instant gratification to which our modern minds have become accustomed.
So, I am not willing to take the time, at present, to really write an ode to the internet, as is would take too much of my time to explain what would only scratch the surface.
I wonder if "we" as a generation have become such that by only extending ourself to "scratch the surface" on any given subject, that we are missing out on a deeper, truly more excellent and meanful life that is intended for us by our Creator.