Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sighting the Gems

Over the past six months, I have been mulling over my "next" blog post.  Having gone back to edit the post several times, I  have felt like something in my recollection was missing. It seemed to lack a revealing of what I truly enjoy about traveling within this Earthly world. While some of the places I've been lately show some aesthetic beauty, what I consider the most beautiful sights in my forays, are the people I spend time with along the way.
When I was a girl, I loved "Show and Tell." In grade school, I brought a piece of wood to share with my class that I collected from a visit to my aunt's place in Creswell.  Although I can't recall, it is also more than likely, that I was told my sharing time was up before I was done recalling the events of my visit. Hence, it's never been a problem for me to share about the donuts, or the bus tokens, or which celebrity I happened to befriend on a trip.
But now, when I'm blogging my "Show and Tell," what I do find difficult is conveying the fullness of the "sharing" with others as we make this journey through this life. It's those times during the exchange of the "What's Happening," or "Not Happening" in each other's lives that are most worthwhile. It's what I walk away with when I get together with a friend who "Knew Me When." I see the purposefulness in having had this person in my life. We can reminisce about those not so embarrassing "then" times and see our utter youthful naivety, the sometimes sad mistakes of then, and sometimes, even the humor of the situation now.
 I realize that each of our stories is unique. I believe strongly that God is the Author of our lives, our stories, and that joy is often strangely, mysteriously, puzzlingly intertwined with sorrow. That does not mean that I equate evil with good, but that we will encounter hardships, trial, villains, and difficulty enduring this life at times-even with a Good God who is in charge of the universe.
If you don't know me well, you might think I collect friends like I put pins on a map to cities I've been. Yes, easily making friends is one of my greatest strengths, and greatest weakness. But if the wind blows me your way, or you mine, I do cherish such a wind.

 If you know me well,  it will be no surprise that I'd like to end this post with a song.

 I guess part of what I'm trying to say is better said in a song by one of the favorite vocal artists, Julie Miller, entitled, "I Like You." It captures why the people I encounter in life are more important that the places I'll ever travel.

If you want to be big but are small, if you're little and you want to be tall,
And you feel like you're no good at all...well, I like you just like you are,
Now, some people run very fast and you always watch them go past,
And you think that you're always last, but I like you just like you are.

I like you, I really do,
You are the only you I ever knew,
Though everyone's special, there's no one like you,
That's why I like you, I really do.

Now a pony looks up to the sky, watches the birds going by,
But he never thought he should fly, and I like you just like you are.

I like you, I really do,
You are the only you I ever knew,
Though everyone's special, there's no one like you,
That's why I like you, I really like you,
That's why I like you, I really do 

 So you, my friend, those whom I encounter along the way, are a precious gem, a jewel  hand created by our Maker, who has not cast you aside, but sees you as the work in progress along the journey to the Eternity.


Bella Art Girl said...

just got home from a small trip and saw your post and must say that is beautifully written and if that is any taste of the love casserole then it will be a wonderful book...thanks for writing - we all over here love you mucho