Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Relief from the Weariness

Before I recall some of the past few months of travel adventures, I must put aside those tales until I give a proper "Thank you" to all of my friends and family who have stopped along the road and given a word of condolence for the loss of my sister.
I didn't know what to expect the months that followed Christine's death, but grief, and many of life circumstances have hit me harder than I would chose. But what I have found, in most cases, is that people are willing to extend grace more often than not.
For those that gave me shelter when our family needed it, thank you. The meals from the heart, the listening, the shoulder to cry on, thank you.
At times I felt that I would never be able to repay such kindnesses, but those who have generously given do not seem to have this in mind. They have given their gifts freely.
I hope not to forget these kindnesses, as I sojourn in this world, waiting not so patiently for that place He has for me that has no need for condolences.


deanna said...

It's good you've been given relief when you need it. I've thought about you. You're an example to me. Take care.